Sorry about Last Month~!

2013-03-16 04:54:19 by KaDoYuu

"Expect a couple of new animations this month, folks!"
Heheh, yeah about that, guys... I lied. :/
It's a new month and I've switched priorities to a couple of much bigger projects that I'm literally putting all my spare energy into. After which, I'll hopefully burn through the other projects I've been putting off for so long. They won't require nearly as much energy as this one. There are so many ideas and collaborations that I want to risk, but if Time were a drain, it'd totally be clogged from the personal lack of energy required to move things forward-- is anyone even getting this? What I'm saying, here? I'd illustrate, but it'd probably look very, very wrong.

tl;dr: I haven't forgotten you. Focus and time are required for large tasks.

So anyways, who is joining in the NATA this year? I'll be rooting from the sidelines! Know it's going to be fierce, this year! Can't wait to see all the crazy talents going head-to-head~

Also, I'm leaving you crazy kids with this, before I go:


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2013-03-16 08:23:59

how bout me

KaDoYuu responds:

I haven't forgotten. Don't worry, you. I want to develop the idea with you, in the meantime.. during breaks.


2013-03-27 15:38:12

pm me


2013-06-19 17:29:02

good luck with your projects!

KaDoYuu responds:

Thanks, dude. I will not disappoint!


2013-06-20 00:42:12

Lupin... they didn't have anything like that on TV in the 70's in the US, and having been alive during that time period, Lupin makes the 21st century look as bland and tasteless as denatured water.

Really enjoyed your contributions to all the collabs! Hope you have something else in the works :)

KaDoYuu responds:

I most certainly do! I also really like that show. I'm hoping to someday soon pay homage to it. Thank you for your support!