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The music and character designs got a giggle out of me and the animation was crisp. High points!

Good work! The 2D-3D transitions were flawless.

Ignoring how dated it is, this is a decent piece. Could probably stand to loop, but isn't necessary. Nicely animated!

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The 'credits' button takes me to a barren stage. The actual credits pop up after some time, but the 'back' button does not function. It's got interesting music, which works for me.

ZomgGamez responds:

I have no idea why the credits button takes me to another stage... I will try to fix it.

This was very informative. I've always liked your way of animating movement. It's very fluid and has weight to it. The interactivity makes it even more interesting.

Music may or may not have been better here. Sound effects alone make it feel more immersive.
Clever; intuitive; and most importantly to me: easy on the wrists.

I-smel responds:

Yea once I got the noise in, I didn't want to add music. The blizzard is a mix of windy trees, a jet engine, and a rocket taking off.
There was sound for footsteps for a while but it just got distracting.

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The way you kept the tempo consistent with the actions amazed me the most. You did an ACE job on this and it was a lot of fun working with you.

VizardJeffhog responds:

Thanks a bunch! It was fun working with you as well; excellent job on that scene, Kim!

THAT... is HEAVY. What a unique composition! You have all my stars and my vote.
Cartoon Book Club brought me here.

That drop was delicious. I liked what was going on with the chord progression, in the beginning. Electronic, but nice and airy. It ends suddenly, so I feel like it plays better as a loop. You have my 4/5. |D

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This is a good study in realistic lighting. At first glance, it looks like a photo. Keep at this, it's looking good.

ImprimezNG responds:

Thanks! :D

I actually really like this piece. I like the negative spacing for lines on the black jacket and the bird. I hope you're indpired to animate this someday. It would be really neat to see what comes from this dream.

"Ach! Zat is not ein boob!"
Not that I was searching for that...
Immediately, I can appreciate abstractness in this piece's foreground. The darkness of the 'clouds' makes for an interesting clash with the receding mountains as they get lighter towards the horizon. I'm not sure why it's broken up into squares, but it is interesting piece to muse over. Great work, as usual!

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